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Children’s Music: ages 6-12

Looking for an alternative to traditional music lessons?

The Community Music School offers three distinct levels of study, each designed to respond to today’s music student: Early Childhood Music, Children’s Music and Youth Jazz.

The program embraces the philosophy that children learn best when learning is fun.

Humber’s unique curriculum is based on the Orff and Kodaly methods of Early Childhood Music Education in the early levels, offering children a creative and improvisatory approach to learning music.

This training leads directly into our highly successful Youth Jazz program.

Expand your child's musical horizons

The Children’s Music level offers both private lessons and Orff Ensemble classes. Private lessons follow traditional teaching methods in piano, guitar, woodwind, brass, bass and drums. The Orff Ensembles continue to develop and refine musicianship through a Kodaly and Orff based curriculum, but expand to include ensemble performance through the Orff instrumentarium.

In order to be placed in an Orff ensemble, students must have completed Young Musicianship 2 through the Early Childhood program or a similar program at another recognized school. Private lessons are open to all students.

For more information on the program, course descriptions and registration, please email

How to Register

Find your appropriate course link under “Current Course Offerings” below. This will redirect you to a description of the course. Click the words below that say “Registration Options” to go to Humber’s Flexible Registration (FlexReg) program and follow the prompts.

New Students

Students registering in the program for the first time should check courses for audition requirements.

If the course you have registered in does not require an audition, you should be contacted at least one week prior to the start of classes to confirm your child's lesson time, room, and instructor. If you have registered in a course and have not been contacted a week before classes are due to begin, please please email

If the course you wish to register in requires an audition/interview, please please email to arrange an interview before registering in the course.

Returning Students

All returning students will receive registration packages in the mail towards the end of each semester. The package will provide information on registration dates and deadlines for the next semester.

Please be reminded that to keep the same lesson time for your child from one semester to another, you must register by the early registration deadline. The school cannot hold lesson times past the early registration deadline.

Current Course Offerings

Please note that times listed in the registration system (FlexReg) are placeholders only. The schedule of lessons will be determined at the end of December/early January and emailed to the student.

Students beyond the preschool levels are interviewed after registration and placed according to their age, level and experience. The school can accommodate the novice musician through the preprofessional.


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