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Join the Transmedia Fellowship

Spend your summer building an interactive storytelling project with Humber’s top students!

In a rapidly changing digital landscape, Transmedia creates multi-dimensional storytelling experiences that provides audiences the opportunity to be engaged like never before. Immersive, collaborative and deeply engaging, Transmedia revolves around the telling of stories using a variety of platforms. The overall narrative experience is intended to be enhanced by audience engagement with each successive platform. Storytelling, therefore, becomes more effective and thorough as connection and understanding are deepened.

The Transmedia Fellowship brings together students from across a wide range of programs in the Faculty of Media & Creative Arts to work on a collaborative interactive storytelling project such as this.

The full-time internship, valued at $6000 each runs for 14 weeks and starts in early May and ends in mid-August.

2019 Applications are now open!

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