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Creative Worth

The Humber Ad Center officially rebranded on December 13th, 2017 into BuildingF and has continued to celebrate creative thinking and collaboration for students and businesses. BuildingF offers everything you would imagine finding in a modern advertising, design or PR agency, including brand experience, communications marketing, advertising design, writing, and production. The only difference? The work is done by students, the future of the industry.

Reid Plaxton

Reid Plaxton is currently in his final year in the Advertising & Graphic Design program at Humber. He has joined the BuildingF team as a student coordinator to better pursue his love of design and advertising.

Haydn Sequeira is a second year Bachelor of Public Relations student. After having previously completed a diploma in advertising and marketing communications he decided to further enhance his skills in public communications. His passions and hobbies include health and fitness, nature and cooking.

hayden sequeira

joel gerrity

Joel Gerrity is currently in his third year at Humber College studying Creative Advertising and joined the BuildingF team as a student coordinator. Originally interested in architecture, Joel decided to follow his passion for graphic design and explore his interest in the world of advertising. When Joel isn’t behind his computer designing or at school studying he is usually spending his free time at the gym, playing soccer or watching horror movies.

Melissa Porter is a second year Advertising and Marketing Communications student with a Bachelor Degree in Media, Information and Technoculture from Western University. In her final year at Humber, Melissa has joined the BuildingF team as a Student Coordinator where she’s responsible for managing our various social media accounts. In her free time, Melissa loves to exercise, spend time with friends and family, and binge watch Netflix.

melissa porter

2019 TEAM

Felicia Guthrie

Felicia Guthrie
BuildingF Building Manager

Robin Heisey

Robin Heisey
BuildingF Creative Director

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Student Work

We’re very proud to announce that the winners of PFLAG’s campaign challenge are Bachelor of Creative Advertising students Ryan, Samantha, and Joel from ‘Mager Champ’!

All students were asked to provide and present an effective low-budget campaign for our wonderful BuildingF client - PFLAG (Parents for Gays and Lesbians) and Mager Champ was selected as the best; pairing a social media and out-of-home print advertisement campaign.

PFLAG Canada is a national charitable organization, founded by parents who wished to help themselves and their family members understand and accept their LGBTQ+ children. The “coming-out” process can be a critical time for families. When the adjustment period is particularly long or painful, relationships can become permanently damaged, resulting in a lifetime of emotional scars. People cannot always rise above the challenge of accepting themselves or their family member, and the results can be devastating, even fatal. PFLAG supports these families through today, and gives them hope for a better tomorrow.

Mager Champ’s idea was chosen because their strategies were very unique, easy to implement, and cost effective. They engaged their target demographic through social media platforms that suit the preferences of different ages and also carefully segmented the areas in which their poster advertisements should be seen.

Mager Champ decided that the best demographic to target was intelligent liberal-minded individuals aged from 18 to 65. This target believes in equality and happiness for all which makes them ideal as a market to attract. The group found that an emotional connection would be the strongest form of motivation and thus crafted their objectives accordingly to: highlight why donations are needed, create a community of supporters, and build a stronger connection with the target market.

College Day

In 2018 the BuildingF Team provided social media coverage for College Day at Queen’s Park. The event was aimed at gaining support from MPPs to help elevate innovative technologies designed by students at colleges in Ontario that will ultimately contribute to the future of Ontario.

Key messages were designed by the team at BuildingF in order to effectively convey to students, citizens, and political influences the accomplishments and successfulness of Ontario College education.

The event begun with various Ontario Colleges displaying their innovative project designs including but not limited to; Humber College’s - engineering and robotics technician project, Mohawk College’s - accessible learning and information program, and Loyalist College’s - cost-effective CO2 and O2 craft brewery analytical tools.

students standing in front of a Ontario colleges banner

2019 BuildingF

Humber College is excited to be working with Winners again with a new campaign. We’ve had continuous great success with Winners campaigns in the past, collaborating with the company to further their efforts in making Winners a cool and millennial-friendly brand. What better way to cater your brand recognition strategy than to hire the demographic you’re trying to attract?

Thank you to Winners for again choosing the bright minds of Humber College students to execute their new campaigns. We hope these ideas are as fresh as the last!


Fearless Leaders
Interview with Bob


How did you know this was the path you wanted to take?

I actually didn’t. I’m Currently in the School of Media and I work on both campuses, however this isn’t always where I saw myself. I consider myself very lucky, I’ve worked hard, but all in all I’ve been lucky. This wasn’t the job I was looking for but I’m very happy with where life has brought me.

Why didn’t you pursue more film?

I was 45 when I did, I did do work for a few years but once I was offered a job with Humber it stopped. Writing was my favourite part of my film career. I liked writing because I thinks readers become writers, J.d Sullinger is my favourite author. 9 short stories are the best short stories he’s ever read.One time I drove to J.D. Sullingers house “ I wasn’t a stalker or anything” 1980’s near Vermont, wasn’t at his that day, he used to write in a bunker, that’s probably where he was."

Explain a situation in which you had difficulty making a decision.

It was a tough decision working for Humber, but is also a hard job to turn down. It was hard to choose this job because I truly love teaching and being the Associate Dean would cut the amount of time I get to spend in a classroom.

What advice as a teacher and a student?

Find talent and a place to apply it, don’t feel like you’re just learning theory for nothing. 80% of success is showing up.

“I read a book last year, it was called becoming a morning person or something, it said most people that get stuff done get it done before 2pm."

The place you grew up, what has it taught you?

A farm is a great place to grow up, I don’t regret a moment of working on a farm, It’s very rewarding out in Northern Ontario, long winters but clean air, the wild was close by and you were never more than a stroll away from the Canadian shield. Work ethic, attention to detail, caring about what’s going on, being humane; these are just a few things I’ve learned from being a farmer.

Work ethic, attention to detail, caring about what’s going on, being humane; these are just a few things I’ve learned from being a farmer.

What is important for students to learn?

Be punctual, there are two things to remember on a construction job, show up and do your job and they will never lay you off. It’s the same thing in school, show up to class on time, hand in your assignments in on time, seems pretty simple, but many people struggle with that for various reasons. Additionally, jobs you hate will hurt you.