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Work-Integrated Learning

A Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience allows you to use your newly acquired knowledge and skills in a real-life work environment. Work placements expose you to diverse learning opportunities that are not possible in a formal classroom setting.

The Faculty of Media and Creative Arts works with key employers to ensure students gain valuable on-the-job experience in their fields of expertise. For many students, work placement is the highlight of their program and often leads to future job offers and a smoother transition into the work force.

WIL ensures you are engaged with your chosen field, career-ready and excited about your future after graduation!

Meet Our Industry Liaisons


Student Testimonials

Amanda posing with Unilever sign

“During my time at Unilever, I genuinely learned so much and had so many opportunities to grow. I had the chance to attend industry conferences and meet at the Google offices; I now understand so much about of what goes on behind the scenes and feel more prepared to start my career!”

—Amanda / Digital Communications Student

Wyatt sitting in a lawn chair with a boom mic resting on a tree next to him

"Heading to Africa was an experience of a lifetime and I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity as a work placement here at Humber. It was one thing to be able to direct peers during my semesters, but to take the skills, techniques, and theories I learned in an academic setting and apply them to a real-world scenario was a more valuable learning experience than I ever imagined.”

—Wyatt / Film and Media Production Student

Norita looking over her shoulder at the camera in a wheat field

“My time at Target was something I never knew I needed. I was there to learn and they did not hesitate to help me! I used the skills I learned from my classes, and my supervisors helped me improve and become more confident. I faced some challenges along the way, as any intern would, but this opportunity helped me learn from my mistakes and grow as a creative.”

—Norita / Advertising and Graphic Design Student