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Work-Integrated Learning

A Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience allows you to use your newly acquired knowledge and skills in a real-life work environment. Work placements expose you to diverse learning opportunities that are not possible in a formal classroom setting.

The Faculty of Media and Creative Arts works with key employers to ensure students gain valuable on-the-job experience in their fields of expertise. For many students, work placement is the highlight of their program and often leads to future job offers and a smoother transition into the work force.

WIL ensures you are engaged with your chosen field, career-ready and excited about your future after graduation!

Meet Our Industry Liaisons

Industry Liaisons provide mentorship and guidance during your work placement. These successful professionals, employed by some of the top companies in their industry, support you through networking events, application and interview preparation tips, strategies for navigating the workplace, and more!


Student Testimonials

Amanda posing with Unilever sign

“During my time at Unilever, I genuinely learned so much and had so many opportunities to grow. I had the chance to attend industry conferences and meet at the Google offices; I now understand so much about of what goes on behind the scenes and feel more prepared to start my career!”

—Amanda / Digital Communications Student

Wyatt sitting in a lawn chair with a boom mic resting on a tree next to him

"Heading to Africa was an experience of a lifetime and I am so grateful that I was given this opportunity as a work placement here at Humber. It was one thing to be able to direct peers during my semesters, but to take the skills, techniques, and theories I learned in an academic setting and apply them to a real-world scenario was a more valuable learning experience than I ever imagined.”

—Wyatt / Film and Media Production Student

Norita looking over her shoulder at the camera in a wheat field

“My time at Target was something I never knew I needed. I was there to learn and they did not hesitate to help me! I used the skills I learned from my classes, and my supervisors helped me improve and become more confident. I faced some challenges along the way, as any intern would, but this opportunity helped me learn from my mistakes and grow as a creative.”

—Norita / Advertising and Graphic Design Student