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Storytelling Through Applied Research

You can make applied research an integral part of your learning experience at the Faculty of Media & Creative Arts.

Many of our students will have the opportunity to engage in highly experiential learning to solve real-life industry-relevant problems, working with experienced faculty, industry partners and supported by our state-of-the-art Live Labs.

Hear From our Faculty and Students on their Applied Research Experience

"We are working on, and solving, real-world problems. There is a great synergy in what we do. The students gain a lot of experience working with clients on projects in a capacity that is beyond what they may have experienced before. The industry partner gets their project completed through a combination of expert faculty and energetic students.”

—Bernie Monette, PC Web Development

Enhancing Education Through Teaching and Learning Research

Our faculty and students also participate in scholarly research that examines teaching practices and activities. This research inspires improvement in the classroom to foster deep student learning.  SOTL research investigates questions such as how student learning occurs, or what it looks like and how it can be enhanced.

Get Involved!

If you are an external company or organization, student or faculty who want to get involved in research projects, contact our Research Coordinator, Nooreen Hussain.


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