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The Humber Art Commons was launched as a live lab to provide students with a creative space to explore and discover new techniques. Located at Lakeshore Campus on Lakeshore Blvd, the building acts as a hub for art students. The open concept allows for a modern studio space flooded by natural light. The space has been modelled on the general concept of transformability. Four individual spaces can be turned into any kind of collaborative space depending on need.

See the First Installation

person rolling out paper on the ground on a plastic sheet

Watch the video to see how the Art Foundation and Visual and Digital Arts came together to create the first art installation in the Humber Art Commons, led by faculty members Cole Swanson and Aleks Bartosik. It was up to the students to conceptualize and work together to create the installation from maps and mapping to more organic forms. Students enjoyed the experience of seeing individual pieces come together into a united piece of work.

Explore Humber Art Commons

Take a 360 degree tour!

For mobile and tablet users, open the video in the YouTube app. For optimal viewing experience use Firefox or Chrome. Currently Safari does not support 360 videos.