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The HD TV Mobile Unit rolls in some real-life industry experience

What is the HD TV Mobile Unit?

The Faculty of Media & Creative Arts HD TV Mobile is a multi-camera television facility used for remote broadcast television production. The mobile contains all the high definition broadcast television equipment found in a television studio, but has the ability to travel to an event to cover it live.

It is a complete broadcast facility on wheels, with 6 HD broadcast television cameras, production switcher, audio console, camera control, digital recording and non-linear editing, slow motion replay and 3D graphic generator. It has the ability to record an event, or feed live to web stream, with satellite or terrestrial transmission.

What are the benefits for students?

The HD Television Mobile offers a “real-world” broadcast production experience for students, using “state-of-the-art” equipment found in similar industry facilities. Students learn and practice the exact skills that they will need after graduation.

Broadcast production center

Man filming football game

What types of projects do students work on?

Production crews of approximately 20+ members, will produce live, multi-camera events throughout the college calendar year.  In house Varsity basketball, volleyball, softball and soccer, concerts in local Toronto venues, theatre productions in Elmira and Uxbridge, civic events (election coverage), skiing and snowboard competitions in Collingwood, Toronto Rock Lacrosse, Brampton Beast Hockey and Toronto Marlies Hockey.

What Media & Creative Arts programs use the HD TV Mobile Unit?

The Broadcast Television and Videography (BRTV) program is the primary user of the HD mobile, with it’s second year program organized around live event production. BRTV has collaborated with both the Journalism diploma and degree programs on major civic events, as well as the radio program.
Film at eleven.

This is industry experience. All industry practices, regulations and procedures are followed. A television program produced in this mobile unit is produced in exactly the same way as in the professional industry.

Our faculty are professionals who are currently working in the “live event” television industry.

Students will learn how to:

  • produce a live television production, from telling the story to using the technical tools
  • plan, coordinate and produce a program
  • operate all technical equipment: camera, switcher, audio mixer, camera control, media record, editing, graphic creation and playout, floor direction
  • direct a multi-camera live television production
  • set up a tv mobile, connect cables, power the facility using shore power or generator
  • interact and collaborate with different venues, suppliers, event organizers and talent