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Music & Performing Arts Labs

paint shop

Paint Shop

This multipurpose room offers space for the delivery of Theatre Production’s comprehensive paint curriculum. It facilitates a smooth production workflow by offering easy access to other production shops, and is equipped with theatrical lighting, as well as pin rail and rigging, so that student work can be evaluated under real-world stage conditions.

wardrobe shop

Wardrobe Shop

Organized just like a professional shop, the wardrobe shop is equipped with all the industry standard machines—including industrial machines, sergers and irons—needed to work with textiles. Students use this shop to craft theatrical costumes for Humber Theatre productions under the supervision of professional costumers.

interior of the recording studio

Gordon Wragg Recording Studios

The Humber Recording Studio facilities opened for use in September of 2007. It is a professional, educational recording facility consisting of a state of the art studio, electronic classroom, and individual digital audio workstation rooms. With a host of the best professional recording equipment and expert supervision, the Humber Recording Studio provides students and clients with the highest quality professional environment in which to realize their artistic vision.

dance studio

Dance Studio

The dance studio has a fully sprung wood floor and mirrored wall for movement and dance classes.

carpentry shop

Carpentry Shop

The carpentry shop is a dedicated construction space fully equipped with the industry-standard tools, including table saws and drill presses, needed for set construction. All theatrical sets for the Humber Theatre production season are built on site in this space.

prop shop

Prop Shop

Theatre props calls for a multitude of skills, and this multi-purpose shop can handle upholstery, moulding and casting, sculpture, soft goods, puppetry, small carpentry projects, life casting, painting, and a wide range of fabrication and assemblage projects. Every inch of the prop shop holds materials to discover, and industry appropriate tools to help students build theatre props large and small.

studio theatre

Humber Studio Theatre

The Humber Studio Theatre is a flexible black box theatre featuring moveable seats for up to 120 people. It can be configured in any number of ways (end stage, thrust, arena) to allow you to exercise your creativity. This flexibility is especially valuable for experimental performances where unusual arrangements of audience and stage may be needed. Lighting, sound, rigging, and stage management classes are conducted in this space, giving students the real-world training they’ll need for professional venues.

Lakeshore Auditorium

Lakeshore Auditorium

The Lakeshore Auditorium is a 576-seat performance space used for ensemble classes, clinics and concerts. The space is equipped with standard lighting, PA and staging, and regular program activities are fully supported by our internal production team.

Audio Studio

Audio Studio

This AV classrooms feature a voice-over booth, a 24-track ProTools system, as well as Mac and PC audio/video workstations. Students use this space to record audio for dubbing, as well as edit video and sound cues.

comedy cabaret

Comedy Cabaret

Used primarily by the Comedy program, the Cabaret is a small-scale performance space equipped with lighting and sound equipment. It hosts stand-up and sketch classes, as well as public performances.