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VR Room

Plan, code and collaborate in an interactive environment

The Virtual Reality (VR) Room is a development space where computer programming and collaboration across various disciplines unite to deliver an interactive experience. Experiences can range from immersive activity-based therapy applications to competitive video games. It's a one-stop-spot for virtual reality development complete with prototyping and testing capabilities.

A unique space designed for learning

The VR Room is a programming space that contains the tools to test and create commercial games, as well as games that feature VR as a core part of the experience. It allows multiple programmers to work together on complex problems within the same space while remaining in the context of the project.

Learning opportunities

The use of VR has many practical and entertainment applications within the professional industry. Students will learn to:

  • Program within interactive environments, haptic controls, multimedia elements (music, sound effects, dialogue) 
  • Test interactive environments and current interactive projects
  • Conduct periodic usability tests for created experiences 
  • Function within programmed virtual reality
  • Collaborate with external companies, internal staff and peers

The VR Room will be used in the Game Programming and Animation - 3D advanced diploma programs.