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  • my graphic design journey: Andrea Garraway

My Graphic Student Journey: Andrea Garraway

By: Andrea Garraway

A Humber Continuing Education Student’s Journey through Graphic Design

andrea garraway

Humber Graphic Design Student: Andrea Garraway

What sparks your interest in Graphic Design? 

I have always had an interest in art, layout, and typography. Trying to understand how one using all those skills and makes graphic design work always amazes me. Seeing the advertisements in magazines, billboards, or even a the bus stop always made me wonder the rules of how it was put together and that led me to graphic design.

What was your favourite part of being in the program?

I would have to say that the size of the program. There was only about 20 of us during this semester. We learn quite a lot, in a short amount of time. Having the class size be so small really allows you to get to know your classmates and professor better. I also find that it makes it better for the professors, cause they get to know you on  a personal level, and get to work with you on the things that you need to work on better personally. 

Other than that I loved learning typography and illustrator. I have always been told that I have nice writing and that I print things well, so it was awesome to be able to learn the rules of actually typography. For illustrator, I was an artist before coming to this program, so learning how to take my drawing skills and put them on the computer was amazing to see. It also the thing that felt most natural for me coming into the program, considering I didn’t have a large knowledge of the adobe creative suite beforehand.

andrea garraway 2

Business Cards by Andrea Garraway

Share a favourite memory from class?

There was this one day we were on break between classes, we were all just joking around while we waited for the next class. I don’t even remember how this even started, but we had a mini dancing lesson going on for pretty much that whole hour. I didn’t participate in the dancing part, but it was very funny to watch. Though, the best part was probably when our professor walked in, and was like “I think I have the wrong room,” and went outside to check the room number. It is a memory that isn’t really related to what we learned in the program, but it just reminds me of how we are like a little family during that time, especially since our class is so small (about 20 students), we all collaborate with one another - though we didn’t really have any group assignments. It was nice to have that kind of open atmosphere among us.

Why did you choose to study at Humber?

I choose Humber, actually because of my older cousin. She has a similar educational background as I do, and did this program. She knew I was interested in this field and recommended Humber Graphic Design for Print and Web.

andrea garraway 3

Poster created by Andrea Garraway

What are some of the tips for students interested in enrolling in this program?

100% start your assignments as soon as you get them. Even if it is something small, always start early. It will not seem like a lot of work to start with, but the days go quickly, and the work piles up even quicker. There is also quite a bit you need to print for the day its due, so having it done before the due day makes it easier, trust me, you will at some point have some kind of printing issue. Whether it has to do with sizing, margins, or just a typo they come up and it is easier to deal with when you don’t feel rushed. Also, although some of the assignments might annoy you, and might not see the point in them, just remember that all assignments have a point and skills that you learn from them. So, keep an open mind. Lastly, I would say, remember to have fun with your assignments - yes they are technical skills you are learning, but you have fun with how you make your assignments - show off your creativity!

Learn more about Andrea’s  work as a graphic artist and illustrator here: and on Instagram.

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