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  • My Photography Journey: Larry Herscovitch

My Photography Journey: Larry Herscovitch

By: Larry Herscovitch

Curious about our photography certificate or wondering what taking a photography class is like? Continuing Education student, Larry Herscovitch, describes his photography experience at Humber College. Read more to learn about his journey and how he has progressed through his practice.

A Humber Continuing Education Student's Journey Through Photography

larry herscovitch

What draws you to photography?

I work as an engineer which is mostly technical. Photography gives me a chance to combine my right and left brain in pursuit of creating beautiful images. I find photography sometimes to be meditative where you are completely in the moment, especially when you are alone in front of a beautiful scene with changing magnificent light. I love to travel and lately I have been planning my trips around photographing new places. The photo morning reflections is from a trip last August to Arizona, Utah and New Mexico during the summer monsoon season.

What is your favourite style to shoot?

Landscape and cityscapes and macro photography are my favourites. I plan to get into portrait photography. 

How long did it take for you to feel confident in your work?

The more you learn about photography the more critical you become of your own work. My confidence in my work ebbs and flows depending on the day.

larry herscovitch 2

Image by: Larry Herscovitch

Describe your Humber experience?

My Humber experience was excellent. I have taken two courses so far. Both teachers were very knowledgeable and passionate about photography and teaching photography as well. Both made learning fun. I started the first course with quite a bit of experience taking digital photos since 2004 and film cameras before that and still learned a great deal in more starting out type courses.

Do you have any advice for students learning photography at Humber?

The more effort you put into the course the more you will get out of it!

larry herscovitch 3

Image by: Larry Herscovitch titled ‘Morning Reflections’ and submitted for Humber 2019 Photo Contest

Learn more about Larry’s work as a photographer here: and follow him on Instagram.

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