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  • My Photography Journey: Wayne Cheung

My Photography Journey: Wayne Cheung

By: Wayne Cheung

Humber Continuing Education Student, Wayne Cheung Follows his Passion for Photography

wayne cheung

I have been working in the Information Technology Field for many years. As a result, I was able to apply some of the technical skills from that industry to a hobby of mine which started in the early 1990’s.  My first DSLR camera was the 35 mm film camera Canon AE1. Photography is both a Science and Art and it allows me to capture the priceless moments in time and is a passion that I have been pursuing during my spare time. Over the years, I have read photography books, attended courses, workshops and trade shows.  These various modes of learning helped me keep up with all the photographic technological advancements. I enjoy travel, landscape, and architectural photography. The first course I took at Humber College, Faculty of Media Studies and Creative Art was the Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. John Warren taught me the organizing and post processing of photographs. I applied the concepts of what I learnt from that course and submitted the Two Jack Lake – Banff photo in the Humber Photo Contest, which achieved an honorable mention in the landscape category. 

Then, I completed a second course at Humber College, Portrait Photography One. This course has taught me photographic techniques utilizing a vast array of photography light equipment in a large studio environment. The courses at Humber College have strengthened my knowledge and exposed me to new learning opportunities.

I learned that although advanced camera gears are essential, it is the understanding of the basic photographic theories and techniques that are more important in the Art of capturing memorable life moments and breathtaking sceneries.

wayne cheung

Image by: Wayne Cheung titled ‘Two Jack Lake - Banff’ and submitted for Humber’s 2019 Photo Contest

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