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My Social Media Journey: Karen Gilman

By: Karen Gilman

A Humber Continuing Education Student’s Journey through Social Media

karen gillman

Humber Social Media Student: Karen Gilman 

Why did you choose to study social media at Humber?

My name is Karen Gilman and I am a marketing professional and holistic nutritionist. I worked in consumer packaged goods for many years before going back to school to study holistic nutrition. I chose to study social media at Humber to enhance my marketing skills so that I can understand the best way to promote my brand.

What did you like about the social media content strategy class? 

I really enjoyed taking the social media class, I loved that is was online and I could work at my own pace. The real life case examples helped bring the topics to life. I also thoroughly enjoyed the assignments as it really helped me focus on creating a plan for my business. I started to look at social media in a more strategic way. 

Did you have a favourite assignment in this class?

My favourite assignment was the Social Media Strategy. It helped me focus on creating a strategic plan for social media instead of ad hoc posting.

Do you have any advice for future students interested in taking this class?

My advice to new students would be to leverage whatever you learn in the class instead of filing it away once the course is done.

Where do you see yourself in your career after receiving the social media certificate

I will leverage the knowledge I have gained to further support my business as well as offer my services to others in the health and wellness industry. 

Learn more about Karen and her business Nutrilicious  by following her on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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