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My Web Design and Development Journey: Ashkan

By: Ashkan Shokri

A Humber Continuing Education Student’s Journey through Web design and development

ashkan shokri

Humber Web Design and Development Student: Ashkan Shokri

What sparks your interest in web development?

I find Web Development interesting because a web-based application or even just a website consists of many individual components, either front-end or back-end they all come together to produce a final product. Web Development industry expands rapidly, in a pace that it requires constant learning. The courses that were included in the Web Development program from Humber was comprehensive, and I was impressed to see the knowledge I would possess after the Web Development program graduation.

What was your favourite part of being in the program?

In my opinion, the best part of the Web Development program was composite projects. I find it fascinating and deeply productive to have a major project which consists of separate parts each a project for its respective course. This approach motivated me to put 100% into the composite projects which resulted in a work that I'm proud to show potential employers.

ashkan shokri 2

Task Management app, Ashkan built as an offline application. It doesn't need any outside resources or internet to register users and to display and register tasks for them.

Share a favourite memory from class?

You might think of me a nerd but here it goes, It was the second semester and our instructor Mr. Rocco Panacci was solving an in-class problem with regards to a Tic-tac-toe game. After his explanation, it took me a few seconds to make the connection to his logic but after that, I stopped seeing a wall of code from the projector and started seeing his work as a beautiful painting , really a fascinating work of art worthy of staring for some time.

Why did you choose to study at Humber?

This one is easy, I wanted recognition for the investment of my time and resources. Humber College is more than 50 years old! I'm truly confident that most people will know about the quality of my education after just hearing its name.

ashkran movies

A front-end web application Ashkan built that consumes an API to display the movies that are currently showing in cinemas.

What are some of the tips for students interested in enrolling in this program?

Web Development is a massive industry, there are many programming languages and skill-sets that are necessary to be a Web Developer. If you are interested in this field I suggest you take this course and learn the state of the art and updated Web technologies properly from a solid and reputable team of instructors in Humber College.

Learn more about Ashkan’s work as a web developer on his website here.

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