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A Q&A with Madhur Anand, author of This Red Line Goes Straight To Your Heart

This Red Line Goes Straight To Your Heart is Madhur Anand’s latest book. The two-time School for Writers grad told us a bit about the memoir and about what she learned during her time at Humber.

Tell us about your book/project? How did it come about?

The book is a “memoir-in-halves,” two books in one. One side tells the stories of my parents, alternating between their voices, and the second half is in my voice. The book came about from my desire to better understand my parents’ lives and the lives of others, via discovery. This took me across eight decades of history, several continents (including both pre-Partition India--my parents' birthplace --and Canada-- my birthplace--of course), and several scientific disciplines.

How did you find the experience of working with your writing mentor? What insight into your writing did you gain through the mentorship process?

I worked on poetry at Humber, but my new book, which is prose, integrates poetic and scientific approaches to storytelling. I developed a strong sense of artistic practice at Humber.

Find out more about Madhur’s new book here , and find out more about Madhur herself on Twitter @globalecochange.

Madhur Anand

Photo credit: Karen Whylie