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Humber Faculty Release New CD of Timeless Classics

The School of Creative and Performing Arts congratulates drummer and program assistant Joe Bowden on the release of his new CD.

Featuring new interpretations of jazz standards such as “Take Five” and “What a Wonderful World,” "Timeless Classics Volume One: Straight Up Groovin’" is a great introduction to the wealth of talented musicians associated with Humber College. Joining Joe to form The Timeless Quartet are Robi Botos (piano, Humber Music faculty), Lajos Botos Jr. (bass), and Peter “Cheslie” Cieslikowski (tenor saxophone). Humber Music’s Pat LaBarbera (tenor sax) joins the group as a special guest.

The CD is available for streaming via Bandcamp or for purchase via iTunes

Congratulations, Joe and The Timeless Quartet!

timeless classics