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Carlos Albornoz: On Stage and Screen

Many young people who dream of being actors mistakenly think they have to choose between stage and screen. But as 2016 Theatre Arts – Performance graduate Carlos Albornoz shows, good acting training is transferable – especially when it’s supported by lots of talent and hard work!


I started rehearsals on August 7 for a new play written by Morris Panych and Brenda Robbins called Picture This. It's playing at Soulpepper Theatre Company, inside the Young Centre for Performing Arts, in the Distillery District. What excites me most about this project is that this is my first professional theatre show I'm involved in and it's with Soulpepper, a company I've dreamed about working with and now it's finally a reality. The show is hilarious, and I feel so lucky and blessed to be working with such an amazing group of creative individuals. Being on stage is such a magical feeling and when you're able to transport yourself and the audience to a different world, it's truly satisfying.


Since graduating from Humber, I've mostly done film and television work, including single episodes of the hilarious show Schitt’s Creek (Season 3); the crime investigation show See No Evil (which unfortunately only aired in the U.S.); and a commercial for a U.S. insurance health company, Harken Health. I've also worked on set with Jaden Smith and Cara Delevingne in the upcoming teen drama Life in a Year; and with Jason Priestley and Cindy Sampson in the crime-solving series Private Eyes. In April, I filmed a commercial for Tangerine Bank that is currently being aired. I've also worked on a new version of Plum Bomb, a play that explores what it takes for young people of colour to say "no" to white people, which was written by a national treasure in the making, my former classmate and Humber alumnus Bilal Baig. The play travelled to the Montreal international Anarchist Theatre Festival and the Paprika Festival here in Toronto earlier this year.


What I most enjoyed about the program was that not only are you constantly immersed in theatre, you’re also trained in other areas of our industry such as acting for the camera, voiceover acting, playwriting and much more. Another element of the program is that you get to work with instructors who are still in the business; it's cool knowing that when you graduate, your instructors become your colleagues.

Carlos Albornoz