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Michael Luckett: Foundations

Michael Luckett graduated in 2008. He's an actor and director, known for Bitten, The Basement and The Intruders. He also has his own production company, Helium Ninja. We spoke to Michael about what he's doing now, what other projects he's worked on recently, and how his time at Humber helped him get here.

Currently I’m working on the completion of a short film project, June, that I created in partnership with my production company Helium Ninja and another Humber grad, Erica Overholt. I acted as producer, director, video editor and story contributor. It was my first experience directing a short film and I’m excited to see the project come to completion.

Since Humber I’ve taken part in multiple film and television projects, all of which were produced here in Canada. I played a major villain in the first season of Bitten, a werewolf sci-fi television show that aired on Space here in Canada and Syfy in the USA.

More recently I played across from Miranda Cosgrove in a teen thriller feature called The Intruders. I played a role in the CSA-nominated Canadian feature Fall, next to Michael Murphy and Katie Boland.
I was nominated for best actor at the 2013 SCARE-A-CON Film Festival for my role in the Canadian horror feature The Basement.

I’ve also been involved in the production and post production of many smaller film projects. I’ve started a successful production company of my own, Helium Ninja, which works on commercial/corporate and narrative fiction projects. Our first narrative project, June, will be completed by mid-2016.

I’ve trained around the city with private acting studios and coaches, am represented by OAZ and, of course, audition regularly.

I’ve always thought of Humber as the “base” of my training, the foundation upon which all other techniques/approaches are layered. As I continued my training within the city, I came to realize that many acting approaches and many actors themselves lack the extensive physical body understanding that I gained at Humber. Without that body awareness and the knowledge of how to access my body, I simply wouldn’t be as open and free as an actor.

Whenever I’m feeling a lack of freedom in my work, a lack of artistic satisfaction or grounding, I remind myself to go back to the simple, freeing and patient practices that I learned at Humber.

Find out more about Michael on IMDB or follow him on Twitter @MikeL_Luckett.

Michael Luckett

Photo credit: Samantha Hurley Imaging