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Humber Music Solidarity

To all members of the Humber Music community:

We, the Humber Music faculty, stand in firm solidarity with Black Lives Matter and those working around the world to eradicate all forms of racism, discrimination and harassment.

In particular, as musicians who have studied, performed, taught and benefitted from a wide variety of African-rooted musical genres, we acknowledge our debt to Black culture. We acknowledge the issues of systemic racism in the Humber music programs and recognize that silence is not okay.

As a faculty, we are committed to listening, learning and implementing changes that directly address the systemic racism in our programs.  We recognize that there is much work to be done and are committed to working with other parties both within and outside of the institution—including the Humber Jazz POC Alumni group—to ensure that we develop a long-term plan that supports the work of Humber’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce and the commitments of the Faculty of Media & Creative Arts.

We pledge to ensure that the environment at Humber Music will reflect Black faculty and administrators and be one of inclusion, safety, and belonging. To that end, we thank the Humber Jazz POC Alumni group for the challenge letter we recently received and for their active involvement in implementing changes in our programs. We welcome your commitment to hold us accountable on these issues now and in the future.

The Humber Music Faculty