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Faculty of Media and Creative Arts Students Win Big at this Year's Skills Ontario Competition

The Faculty of Media and Creative Arts would like to congratulate four of our students who won at Skills Ontario this spring. The winning students include:

  • Michael Fayehun: Gold - Photography
  • Richard Thorogood: Gold - 3D Game Art
  • Matteo Buda: Bronze - 3D Game Art
  • Drewanne Gravelle: Bronze - Graphic Design

Matteo Buda and Richard Thorogood, the two 3D Animation Advanced Diploma winners, created fully realized 3D animated characters as part of their competition. The characters were then used in a short film which was judged during a final formal presentation. You can view Matteo's character and Richard's character.

For the other two competitions, photography students were tested on their level of technical and creative photographic skills, while students in the graphic design contest were challenged in various aspects of Studio Production, including Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and/or Adobe Illustrator, project planning, knowledge of design basics, and technical competence.

Held at the Toronto Congress Centre in Toronto, Skills Ontario is dedicated to the promotion of the skilled trades and technologies. The organization promotes and celebrates youth who are pursuing careers in the skilled trades and technologies as students apply their learning in competitive settings.

The winning gold medalists will advance to the Skills Canada National Competition later this month held in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

animations winners on the podium at skills ontario

photography winners on the podium at skills ontario