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Humber Students Win the 2018 Designing Change Competition

On March 24th, Humber students won the Designing Change 2018 competition, organized by Sustainable Humber and the World Wildlife Fund Canada. The humber students competed against teams from other colleges and universities and came out victorious, ultimately winning $1,200, as well as the opportunity to network with experts.

The goal of the competition was for teams to solve issues or problems related to sustainability. This year's question was: "What will make society fully adapt to sustainability?"

Ezgi Cokuysal, Jasmine Wong, Avita Ragnauth, Evan Curle, Ankit Joshi and Graham Budgeon were the students responsible for the winning solution. Together, the team came up with the app "Live-co," which would leverage the concept of living with others and enhances using less space by sharing places.

"During the ideation phase, we used 'Design Thinking' methods,” explains User Experience Design student, Ezgi Cokuysal. "We looked at sharing economies such as Airbnb, bikeshare or enterprise carshare as signals for the possibility for such a concept. Even though the main reason for using would be to decrease expenses, sharing houses will decrease the carbon footprint of individuals by sharing energy resources."

Coming from various educational backgrounds, the members of the team were able to contribute their field-specific expertise to come up with a solution. "We all had different backgrounds including Electromechanical Engineering, Tourism and Hotel Management or Civil Engineering but these design thinking methods helped all of us to have a consensus on solving bigger problems,' said Ezgi.

Congratulations to the Humber team on their success at Designing Change!

Students at Designing Change Competition