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Ten Good Things to Stream When the Weather is Bad

And they all just happen to feature Humber grads

Comedians of the World (Netflix)

K. Trevor Wilson is funny. Very funny. Hot on the heels of his JUNO Award-nominated comedy album Sorry! (A Canadian Album) comes Wilson’s first Netflix special. (His other television special, Bigger In Person, is on Crave.) The Humber Comedy grad joins a series cast of standups from across the globe, proving humour really is a global language.

Watch if you liked: Nick Offerman’s American Ham.

Coroner (CBC Gem)

This CBC procedural follows a recently widowed coroner as she navigates office politics and family tensions. This drama is female-led—on both sides of the camera—and features the writing talents of three graduates of the Television Writing and Producing program: Noelle CarboneMarsha Greene, and Nathalie YounglaiActing for Film and Television grad Lovell Adams-Gray co-stars as up-and-coming pathologist Dr. Dwayne Allen.

Watch if you likedCrossing Jordan or Rizzoli & Isles.

Don’t Talk to Irene (Prime Video)

This quirky coming-of-age story stars Acting for Film and Television grad Michelle McLeod as misfit Geena Davis-admirer and inspiring cheerleader Irene. When Irene must spend a school suspension doing community service at a retirement home, she forms a dance troupe with the residents. Co-stars Kid in the Hall Scott Thompson and Bruce Gray.

Watch if you likedDumplin’.

Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix)

Grey’s Anatomy needs no introduction. The Shonda Rhimes-juggernaut, now in its fifteenth season, stars Theatre Arts – Performance grad Giacomo Gianniotti as Dr. Andrew DeLuca. Gianniotti first appeared in the second-last episode of season 11 and was promoted to series regular part way through season 12. Seasons one to 14 are available on Netflix.

Watch if you likedERChicago Med, or other Shondaland series such as How to Get Away With Murder and Scandal.

Giacomo Gianniotti

Letterkenny (Crave)

A cult classic in the making, Letterkenny started as the web series Letterkenny Problems before making the jump to streaming television in 2016. It chronicles the witty-bantering exploits of citizens in a small rural Ontario town, and co-stars K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrely Dan, the feminist sidekick to farmer/“toughest guy in Letterkenny” Wayne. Television Writing and Producing graduate Kara Haflidson produces.

Watch if you likedTrailer Park Boys.

Little Dog (CBC Gem)

Who doesn’t love a redemption story? Especially a boxing redemption story? Newfoundland-set Little Dog provides just that in comedy-drama form. It follows a prize fighter attempting a comeback. Catch Acting for Film and Television grad Dwain Murphy as ring rival Rico St. George in season one. Television Writing and Producing alumna Molly McGlynn directed episodes five and six in season one and has two more episodes slated for this season.

Watch if you likedEastbound and Down or Republic of Doyle. 

Shoot the Messenger (CBC Gem)

If you’d rather cheer for journalists than boxers, Shoot the Messenger is for you. It chronicles a young journalist working on a story that could ultimately bring down a government. Acting for Film and Television alumna Shadia Ali stars as Xannan Suleman, the sister of a murder victim at the heart of the journalist's investigation, and Humber Comedy grad Laura Cilevitz stars as Nina Broadstone. Bonus: John Bourgeois as Chief Ken Thomson.

Nathan for You (Crave)

Nathan Fielder directed two episodes of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America?, but he’s best known for the Comedy Central series that bears his name. Nathan for You follows the comedian as he helps to turn around failing businesses. Awkwardness and hilarity ensues.

Watch if you likedNirvanna the Band the Show or Dog Bites Man.

Star Trek: Discovery

If you find the speculative more appealing than the absurd, Star Trek: Discovery is for you. The action takes place on the USS Discovery ten years before Captain Kirk lead his first mission aboard the Enterprise. Theatre Arts – Performance alumna Oyin Oladejo appears as Joann Owosekun, and AFTV alumnus Dwain Murphy has a two-episode guest arc in season one as Captain Maddox.

Watch if you liked: Any other Star Trek series or movie.

Oyin Oladejo headshot

Terrific Women (CBC Gem)

Before the Internet, there was the 70s and the 1970s version of YouTube: local public-access television. Terrific Women parodies the idiosyncrasies of these shows and the politics of the era. Humber Comedy grad Sara Hennessey co-created, co-wrote, and co-stars as one of the show’s two boozy, second-wave feminist hosts.

Watch if you likedBroad City or Inside Amy Schumer