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Headshot of Timothy Van Le

Timothy Van Le

Hair: Black | Eyes: Dark Brown | Height: 5'6" | Weight: 130lbs 

Film & Television

  • Seawall - Principle - Dixie Seatle/Humber College
  • Love and Information - Principle - Maria Ricossa/Humber College


  • Dinner With The Macguffins - Grandpa - BSS Theatre/ Maya Marcus
  • Skin & Liars - Tuan - Bramalea Secondary School
  • Three Little Pigs - Wolf - Bramalea Secondary School
  • Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - Brick - Bramalea Secondary School


Humber Acting For Film and Television Diploma
John Bourgeois, Maria Ricossa, Dixie Seatle, Christina Collins, Shari Hollett, Vivian Moore, Peter Mikhail, Kate Ashby, Jonathan Higgins, Michael Caruana, Mike Kirby, Greg Sinclair, Peter Conrad, Kara Wooten

Sears Festival 2016, Sears Festival 2017
Stage Combat - Kara Wooten
Arts Alive Show
Clark Childrens Play

Special Skills

  • Improv
  • Stage Combat
  • Drivers License G