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Dwain Murphy

Born on the small Caribbean island of Dominica, Dwain Murphy came to Canada when he was four years old. An only child with an active imagination, he loved to perform. However, he was seriously bitten by the acting bug as a teen while watching Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. When a high school teacher encouraged his talent in drama class, he resolved to pursue it earnestly and began looking into college-level programs after he graduated from high school. He decided on Acting for Film & Television at Humber because, he claims, it was local and not as expensive as some of the other schools he investigated. Dwain remembers that he auditioned doing a Charlie Brown monologue rather than the customary Shakespeare or scene from a movie. Nevertheless, he was accepted. He didn’t, however, realize then just how much his time at Humber would change his life. Since leaving, he’s built up a pretty impressive list of credits including a starring role in the full-length feature How She Move; roles in Saving God and Poor Boy’s Game; a recurring role on Degrassi: The Next Generation; Guns, a mini-series; Three Rivers; and, most recently, Ghost Whisperer.