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Lovell Adams-Gray

Lovell Adams-Gray graduated in 2012 and has recently returned from a whirlwind meet-and-greet with all the big studios and networks in LA, accompanied by his new US manager, David Sweeney, of Sweeney ENT. We asked Lovell a bit about that trip and what else he's been working on since leaving Humber - and he had some pretty nice things to say about how Humber helped him get where he is now!

Tell us a bit about your trip to L.A.
L.A. was pure joy! Through the CFC I was able to get into an audition workshop where they brought in Seth Yanklewitz, the VP of casting of Fox in Los Angeles. He loved my work and connected me with David Sweeney in L.A. I flew down there with some of my actor friends, and David Sweeney got me meetings with Lionsgate, CBS, NBC and NBCU, Paramount, and The CW. It's crazy because without my training at Humber, none of this would've been possible.

What else have you worked on since leaving Humber?
After graduating in 2012, I almost immediately signed with Edna Talent Management (ETM), and booked my first gig on The Next Step Aftershow. I had a well put together voice and demo reel from the work I did at Humber. The Acting for Film & Television program provided me with not only the confidence I needed to face this tough industry, but the guidance and wisdom I needed to flourish. After booking The Next Step Aftershow I went full union, which was a joy in itself. Having the apprentice credit after graduating was intrinsic to my success. I'm not saying every actor should be union, but it really helped in my case.

I studied with Lewis Baumander and Michele Lonsdale Smith's studios to hone the skills I learned at Humber. I booked a recurring on Rogue, where I met fellow Humber grad Dwain Murphy, and I'm currently on the new Family channel show Lost & Found Music Studios, created by the same team who put together The Next Step and its aftershow. It all somehow came around full circle, and I'm grateful to be part of such a fun and positive show.

During the filming of Lost & Found Music Studios, I auditioned and was selected to be 1 of 8 actor residents at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC). Again, my training at Humber was critical in landing me that spot! I left the CFC a stronger, more confident and educated actor than ever before, in part due to the connections and people I learned from.

Right now I'm living in Toronto, self-taping for the US (if everything pans out I'll be a series regular there in no time!), working hard to break into the Toronto theatre world, and getting better at my art every day. As things continue to fall into place, I will continue to remember my roots and training at Humber; whenever I can I try to return and help in any way possible.

The next episode of Lost & Found Music Studios that I'm on will air in October, and I have no doubt the show's success will continue to grow.

Find out more about Lovell on his IMDB page or follow him on Twitter @lovellag187, Instagram @lovelladamsgray, and Facebook @lovellfanpage.

Lovell Adams-Gray

Photo credit: David Leyes

Lovell Adams-Gray on set

Lovell on set at Lost & Found Music Studios.