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World Audio Drama Day

Friday, October 30, 2020

October 30th is World Audio Drama Day. To celebrate, we're singling out standout original dramas created by our Broadcasting- Radio students. These dramas--written, produced and performed entirely by students--show a range of storytelling strengths and styles, including a single-performer in several character roles, two-character dialogue, and ensemble acting. 

Click here to listen to selected 2019 dramas by final semester students.


By Rainer Pluckebaum

2084 is a sci-fi/action drama surrounding a young survivor named Jason, who is trying to navigate his young adolescent issues in a post-pandemic era. One day, Jason sets out into the city and finds himself right away in a sticky situation. As he is attempting to get out of his messy circumstances with his AI companion ZEN, he stumbles upon an adventure he would've never thought of finding himself in.

6403 Greystone Crescent

By Jennifer Tait

A Hallowe’en haunted house adventure that goes horribly wrong.

Atlantis – The Last Broadcast

By Amanda Moskal

If Atlantis was real…what happened? Tip: it would have been reported on Atlantis radio.

Line 1 to Oblivion

By Gabriel Munro

Kate is stuck on a train traveling through her own mind - to oblivion. Twisted memories, nightmarish beasts, and the slippery friendship of a stranger are all tangled in her quest to find an escape.