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Lynn Raposo

Lynn Raposo is an editorial assistant at Graydon House and Harlequin Books. We caught up with Lynn to find out what she’s been up to since graduating from Humber’s Creative Book Publishing program in 2017.


What is your current job title and what does that mean on a daily basis?

I’m an editorial assistant at Graydon House and HQN Books. Every day is pretty different, but I’m usually found working on publishing schedules for upcoming books and a couple of our reissue programs, entering metadata, writing back cover copy, and offering general support for the team.

Can you tell us about your favourite project you’ve worked on or a project that you are particularly proud of?

One of my proudest moments was when I was first asked to edit a project. It was during my first internship and it was a very small task—a bonus chapter in a digital edition of a book. I don’t even know if any of my edits were used to be honest, but that opportunity meant so much to me. I pretty much had my mind made up about working in editorial at a publishing house since I completed my undergraduate degree, so to be doing actual work in the field felt very special. It was also an affirmative moment, because I knew I was on the right track to reach my career goals.

How did your time at Humber help you get where you are now?

Studying at Humber truly laid the foundation for my career. The Creative Book Publishing program taught me so much about the publishing industry; I was able to explore different sides of the industry that I never even considered before. The accelerated pace of the CBP program prepared me for what to expect in the field, arming me with real-world skills like time management. And the faculty were incredibly supportive! They helped me realize my potential and pushed me to be my most creative self.

Give us a tip (or tips) for students and recent grads hoping to follow in your footsteps.

Don’t be afraid to try for opportunities outside of your comfort zone—all experience is transferrable. You’re more qualified than you think, and you might be surprised where you get your start!


Lynn Raposo started her publishing career as an intern at Penguin Random House and went on to roles at HarperCollins and Harlequin, where she now works as an editorial assistant with the Harlequin Trade Publishing group. She studied English, French, and Professional Writing at the University of Toronto before completing her publishing certificate at Humber. She is a former bookseller, an avid piano player, and a Disney enthusiast.

Find out more about Lynn on Twitter @lynn_raposo and on LinkedIn at Lynn Raposo.

Lynn Raposo