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Making of Reign - Humber College's First Feature Film

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About Reign

Reign is a Humber College success story and an example of what can happen when exceptional student talent is combined with experienced and professional teaching and instruction.

Developed as part of Humber’s Film and Television Production program (FMTV), the feature began as a short film in second year, before becoming a full-length movie in year three.

Working with her professors and classmates in the Feature Film Development course, writer and director Corey Misquita showcased her creativity and vision as she re-worked the script and broadened the scope of the project into a full-length film, and submitted what was then the final course assignment.

Eva Ziemsen, program co-coordinator and co-executive producer of Reign, reviewed the script /project package and with the support of the School of Media Studies and Information Technology, specifically Associate Dean Basil Guinane and Dean Guillermo Acosta, she initiated a summer production infrastructure. Working with colleague and co-executive producer Anneli Ekborn, a stellar group of FMTV students and graduates came together to collaborate with industry professionals in making Reign .

The film showcases some of Canada’s finest acting talent. The cast includes Jordan Todosey (Degrassi), Samantha Weinstein (Carrie) and Julian Richings (Man of Steel). Pre-production began in May of 2014 followed by an intense 16-day shoot in July 2014. Post-production began in August 2014 and ended in May 2015.

Now set to premier at the Female Eye Film Festival on June 16, 2015, and already nominated for the Festival’s Best Debut Feature and Best Canadian Feature Film awards, the cast, crew and college look back on the movie’s development and realize that great things can happen when exceptional student talent meets experienced and professional teaching. Humber’s goal is to continue creating opportunities that enable students to enter the industry with professional experience, confidence and to help make dream careers become a reality.


The bond between two teenaged girls – one popular, one not – is tested and brought to a crisis point when an intimate moment between them is caught on video, going viral through their school. Terrified of losing her status, popular Brooke turns on Charlie, denying their friendship, and becomes one of the bullies who have made her every day a misery. Devastated, Charlie takes a desperate measure to make Brooke understand her pain.