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Graphic Design

Certificate of Completion | 11211

Program Overview

With a focus on key graphic design applications - Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign - the Graphic Design certificate program grounds you in the fundamentals of designing for print and media. Learn to create and manage digital assets, build your portfolio, and launch your work online and/or in print. You will explore design fundamentals, typography and preparation of files for print or web publishing. This program features industry-active instructors with up-to-date know-how who are passionate about design and teaching.

Additional Information:  Students registered in these courses must have Adobe software installed. A monthly subscription can be purchased from Adobe's website.  Students will need to register for the course at least three (3) days prior to the course start date.

Note:  Students pursuing a Certificate of Completion in Graphic Design must successfully complete all four 10-week courses within a two-year period.


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Course Name 2023/2024 Academic Year 2024/2025 Academic Year
Compulsory Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
GDCE 001: Adobe Illustrator
GDCE 002: Adobe InDesign
GDCE 003: Adobe Photoshop
GDCE 004: Typography

Compulsory Courses

GDCE 001 Adobe Illustrator
This course will focus on introducing the core vector drawing tools in Adobe Illustrator. Through a series of practical hands on exercises and creative assignments, students will learn to create vector based artwork for print and digital distribution. In learning the technical aspects of the software, students will also explore color theory, composition, illustration techniques and preparing artwork for press.


GDCE 002 Adobe InDesign
This course is focused on page layout principles and introducing the digital publishing tools in Adobe InDesign. Through practical exercises, students will become familiar with how simple print pieces such as postcards, flyers and posters are designed and prepared for digital and print production. In addition to learning how to work with the tools in InDesign, students will also put into practice fundamental layout design techniques such as visual hierarchy and typography.


GDCE 003 Adobe Photoshop

Course Description:

This course will focus on graphic design techniques such as image editing and styling, composition, drawing and type tools using Adobe Photoshop. Through various assignments, students will explore the creative tools in Photoshop to design realistic photo-composites, retouch imagery and create both print and digital ready graphics.



GDCE 004 Typography
This course will focus on introducing the important role of type communication design within print and web mediums. Students will evaluate the style and character of individual letterforms, through construction of words, lines and paragraphs. Using Adobe InDesign, students will put typographic theory in practice through creative page layout exercises. They will also explore the differences between print and web typography in regards to file types, measurement units, legibility and readability.


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