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Otis Williams

With all the wonderful ensemble, improvisation, and music business courses Humber Music has to offer, theory might not seem like the most exciting subject. But as 2011 Humber Music graduate Otis Williams can attest, theory can open a lot of doors. We spoke with him via email to hear more about his life as a touring musician, his career since Humber, and the power of theory and discipline.


I am currently on tour with a Canadian pop artist opening for Justin Timberlake. The exciting things about this tour are travelling to different parts of America that I’ve never seen, playing in front of thousands of screaming fans, and most importantly, building relationships with other experienced musicians that I’ve been inspired by.


Since leaving Humber, I’ve explored producing a few local gospel albums as well as travelled to different places overseas to perform.


Humber was integral in my preparation for now because it taught me different styles of music and theory. Theory especially helped me with the understanding of chords. I’ve been in situations where I led bands from the drum chair and was able to communicate chords for arranging purposes. Humber also taught me the importance of discipline. Applying yourself is key to any type of development. Figuring out what or who you want to be, then focussing on that path. With hard work and dedication, you’ll achieve your goals.

To learn more about Otis and his music, follow him on Facebook, on Instagram @ojwill, or on YouTube @MrOatsy23.

otis williams