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Patric McGroarty

You never know where education can take you. While many students study music with the intention of making a career as a performer, others discover through their studies that they are equally passionate about other aspects of the music industry. This was the case with Patric McGroarty. The 2008 graduate attended Humber Music as a trumpeter, but now makes a living as an audio engineer and entrepreneur. We spoke with the founder and owner of Saint Clarens Sound to learn more about his career since Humber.


After graduating from Humber, I dedicated my time at becoming a full-time audio engineer in music, television and radio.

I’m currently working on five different records: Classical, folk, Afro-Cuban, Somali, and free jazz. When recording and mixing I have to approach each record very differently, but the end goal is to create the best possible record and outdo myself at every step of the process. In order to do so, it takes a lot of listening of other records and the ability to change perspective from one record to the next. It’s exciting to work on so many records because it allows me to really understand the music and what the artist is envisioning.


Since graduating Humber College, I have worked on:

  • 1000+ episodes of television
  • 400+ live recordings
  • 100+ records (engineered/mixed)
  • 50+ records (played on)
  • countless demos


Humber College taught me to be prepared at all times. If you aren’t putting in the time, someone else is. A fellow Humber student said to me, “You get what you give.” That stuck with me throughout my time at Humber and all through my professional career. I’ve taken advantage of every opportunity, said yes to almost everything, stayed up way too late, and invested monetarily in my craft. It’s been a bumpy road with a lot of high and lows but all the hard work and dedication is slowly paying off… I think!

To learn more about Patric’s work as an audio engineer, visit the Saint Clarens Sound website, or follow him on Twitter @saintclarens or Instagram at @saintclarens.

Patric McGroarty

Photo Credit: Jen Squires