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Social Media

Certificate of Completion | SMD1

Program Overview

The world in which we live is heavily influenced by our social and business interactions in the digital space. Whether sharing opinions on Twitter or wooing new customers with Facebook, organizations, brands, and individuals must adapt to this new form of instant two-way communication and commerce.

This certificate immerses you in our shared digital reality and builds awareness and competencies with popular social media tools that are found within. Designed for the working professional, self employed, or person in the midst of a career transition, the courses are geared towards questions of professional and personal brand marketing, entrepreneurial and business success, analytics, and trends. 

Upon completion of this program, you will gain perspective on how truly valuable social media is in telling the story you want to tell. Understand and apply social media and take a seat at the decision-making table and impart wisdom on stakeholders, colleagues and naysayers.

Additional Information:  Students will need to register for the course at least three (3) days prior to the course start date.

Note:  Students pursuing a Certificate of Completion in Social Media must successfully complete all four 8-week courses within a two-year period.

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Course Name 2023/2024 Academic Year 2024/2025 Academic Year
Compulsory Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr
SMED 001: Search Engine Optimization
SMED 002: Social Media Advertising
SMED 004: Monitoring and Measuring Social Media
SMED 005: Social Media Content Strategy

Compulsory Courses

SMED 001 Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the discipline of maximizing your website's visibility on the two main search engines Google and Yahoo, and also a myriad of other sites that use search algorithms to display results against user queries. Students will explore both basic and advanced optimization techniques used by small and big businesses. Key topics to be discussed include user behaviour and robot caching techniques- how search engines actually work- and techniques for optimizing local search, mobile search and how to properly measure SEO marketing campaign results. Students will learn how to create 'link bait', and how to plan site content and promote with social media, and how to get good incoming links from other reputable sites to grow the overall authority and thereby increase the presence of a web domain.


SMED 002 Social Media Advertising
Social media algorithms make it difficult for advertisers to get their message seen without using paid ads. Learn social media advertising fundamentals to meet your business goals by building measurable social campaigns with the most popular platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube Twitter and LinkedIn. In this hands-on, interactive, course you will learn how to create and optimize successful campaigns that will resonate with your audience.


SMED 004 Monitoring and Measuring Social Media
Monitoring and listening are two key exercises that all social media practitioners are expected to perform when running a successful social media strategy. In this course, you will explore and understand these practices and learn why they are vital in the social media process. You will track and measure success utilizing various measurement modules, segue into analytics and answer the question on everyone’s mind: How do you measure social media return on investment?


SMED 005 Social Media Content Strategy
The primary function of this course is to give social media a practical application by enabling you to use the tools and knowledge to build a social media strategy for a business/workplace. You will be guided through a step-by-step process beginning with a determination of social media goals and objectives and ending with a post-mortem critical analysis. A solid understanding of social media tools and uses is required for this course.


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