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UX Design Students Present at UXInsight Conference in the Netherlands

User Experience Design Students, Maureen Ariza Paredes and Jenna Mussar, attended the international UXInsight Conference in the Netherlands this March. After completing a fall assignment with industry partner, Grocery Gateway, they decided to submit their work as a Design Research Poster to UXInsight.

They and four other schools were promptly selected out of 1000 global applicants, a huge accomplishment for Maureen and Jenna, as well as Humber College. The two were invited to the conference to give a presentation on their selected work to an audience full of established, successful UX Designers from around the world.

The project itself, as Maureen explains, “was an in-class collaboration with Grocery Gateway, wherein we completed a UX redesign/ evaluation of their existing app. Through this process, we revealed areas in which the app could be improved. We implicated design recommendations and created prototypes based upon these areas. We presented Grocery Gateway with a final prototype of our design at the end of the project in late January.”

During their presentation, Maureen and Jenna discussed the research methods used to uncover their findings, as well as how they went about creating their design of specific aspects of the existing application.

“We presented our work to all in attendance. Attendees ranged from hospitals, government, Fortune 1000 and Tech-Startups organizations,” says Maureen. “We were nervous, but also excited and extremely honoured. We were elated to share our work on such a large platform so early on in our budding careers as UX Designers. These are the kinds of experiences a designer would be lucky to have 5, 10, or even 15 years into a UX career. To experience it so early on, we had a lot of ‘pinch me’ moments.”

When not presenting, the two students had the opportunity to learn from other Designer’s presentations, network to make new, helpful industry connections, and, of course, make friends and enjoy themselves!

Congratulations Maureen and Jenna on this amazing accomplishment. We can’t wait to see what you two do next!

Two students at UXInsight Conference