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Acquire the skills you need to make your designs AODA compliant and inclusive to all with Humber’s Accessible Design Certificates. Whether you’re a Creator working with printed graphics or a User Experience Designer building multimedia web experiences - these programs are tailored to level up your understanding of the various needs, principles, technologies, and legislations to contribute to a barrier free Canada by 2040.

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Accessibility for Content Creators

Are you a content creator interested in scaling the reach and impact of your work to resonate with a wider audience?

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Accessibility for Digital Designers

Are you a digital designer passionate about understanding how to build more inclusive multi-platform experiences?

Student Testimonial

I am so glad I came across Humber’s Accessibility for Digital Content Creators. Their flexible online schedule was perfect for working professionals like me. I was very impressed with the top-notch industry professionals teaching the courses. All the lessons were engaging, relevant and applicable to incorporate into my current position as a Sports Information and Marketing Specialist. I highly recommend Humber’s AODA courses to anyone who is interested in learning about accessible and inclusive communication materials and designs.

Brian L.

Brian Lepp

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