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Programs by Interest

Music & Fine Arts

You’re dedicated to your art. You already know how song, photography, painting and design can move us. Now get the craft and entrepreneurial training you need to launch a successful career in the arts.

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Social & Media Communications

You’re goal oriented. You love to share ideas and information. Now get the professional mentorship and industry experience you need to influence the world.

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Film, Acting & Media Production

You’re not afraid to express yourself. You want to inspire, move and entertain. Now get the entrepreneurial skills and industry experience you need to put your imagination into action.

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Journalists & Writers

You have questions. You aren’t afraid to ask them. Now get the professional mentorship you need to help others make sense of the world through words.

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Interaction Design

You love to play. You push boundaries and solve problems. Now get the skills you need to design a better world.

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You notice things. You love to draw, collaborate and innovate. Now get the design and technology skills you need to make anything you dream.

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