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Humber grad wins Tim Sims Encouragement Award

Humber grad Caitlin Langelier was awarded the 2014 Tim Sims Encouragement Award at the Cream of Comedy held at The Second City.

TSEF Founder and Director Lindsay Leese:

“The Tim Sims Encouragement Fund and Award has grown into one of the most prestigious honours an up and coming comedic performer or troupe can receive. It's been thrilling to see the nominees and winners from the last 19 years go on to achieve such success in Canada's entertainment industry, and know that the TSEF played a big part in launching their careers.”

Promising comedians
Caitlin, who graduated from Humber’s Comedy Writing and Performance program last May, took home a cash prize of $5,000 and a scholarship for a class at the Second City Training Center.

Also nominated were Sam Burns, Moist Theatre, Brendan Pinto, and Jeremy Woodcock.

The Ontario Arts Foundation says jurors were won over by her “easy onstage presence and unpredictable comedic perspective”. Her polished act also won audience acclaim.

Tim Sims
The award was created in memory of Tim Sims, a comedy performer, writer and director who was as well known for his brilliant wit as for his dedication to supporting new talent and fundraising for charitable causes.

Lindsay Leese also announced that next year – the award’s 20th anniversary – would see a transition for the Tim Sims Award:

“Now that our baby is 19 years old, it’s time for the Tim Sims Award to move out of the house. I’m pleased to announce that as of next year 2015, the Tim Sims Award will transition to a new model of recognizing outstanding up and coming comedic talent and continue being awarded by two new homes. Toronto’s foremost training institutions the Humber School of Comedy and The Second City Training Center will be the new custodians of the award, recognizing two qualifying recipients a year selected from their graduating student body by faculty.”

Humber is thrilled for Caitlin and honoured to take on the Tim Sims Encouragement Award, which will continue to be awarded to the best young talent in the business.

Follow Caitlin on Twitter @CateLangelier

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