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Alumni Features

Ashley Comeau

Ashley Comeau shares her recent experiences writing and performing comedy in Toronto. Her first interview with Humber is here.

Noah Farberman

Noah Farberman graduated in 2018, but his collaborations with the Humber Comedy Writing and Performance community continue. Read on for more on Noah’s film and sketch projects.

Anthony Q. Farrell

Anthony Q. Farrell graduated from Humber's Comedy Writing & Performance program in 2001 and has worked on a number of very successful television shows, including the Emmy Award winning NBC comedy series The Office.

Spencer Litzinger

Spencer Litzinger graduated from Humber's Comedy Writing & Performance program in 2017 and is now a host on YTV's The Zone.

Chris Robinson

Chris Robinson graduated in 2009 and was the runner-up in the 2016 Homegrown Competition at Just for Laughs. We asked him the best and worst bits about being a comedian and how Humber helped him get where he is.

K Trevor Wilson

When people think of comedy, they often think only of stand up or sketch. But comedy knows no boundaries, and the industry’s funniest professionals work in film, television, webisodes, and podcasts as often as they do on comedy club stages. Humber Comedy grad and Canadian Comedy Award-winning stand-up K. Trevor Wilson is one of these jacks of all media.

Paul Lillakas

Paul Lillakas is a TV Chef, Chopped Canada Champion, and former Food Editor of Canadian Living magazine. He’s also a 2008 graduate of our Comedy Writing and Performance program.

Áine Davis

Comedy Writing and Performance grad Áine Davis graduated in 2015 and has been working behind-the-scenes in the entertainment industry since. We caught up with Áine to find out a little bit more about her work and how Humber helped her get there.

Ben Carlos

Ben Carlos graduated from Humber’s Comedy Writing & Performance program in 2016. We caught up with Ben to find out what he’s doing now and how Humber helped him get there.

Edworld B. Kim

Edworld B. Kim is a Toronto-based Korean entertainer and a 2019 grad of Humber’s Comedy Writing & Performance program. On his website, it says he’s been doing stand-up comedy “to bring happiness to people and to make them stick together.