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Noah Farberman

Noah Farberman graduated in 2018, but his collaborations with the Humber Comedy Writing and Performance community continue. Read on for more on Noah’s film and sketch projects.

What are you currently working on? What excites you about the project?

A million projects, always. Early this year, I saw the Toronto premiere of a short film I wrote and produced last summer. We’ve been sending the film off to festivals in other parts of Canada and the States and are very excited to see the film finally come home. Just Two Dads had its Toronto premiere on March 2 at the Toronto Shorts International Film Festival.

What other projects have you worked on since leaving Humber?

You can check out a slew of sketch comedy videos on my sketch collective’s YouTube channel: Bad Tattoo Presents.

I also co-host and co-produce a monthly variety show at Comedy Bar with Becca Zwick. The show is called Past Your Bedtime, and starts appropriately at 9:30 pm. Our next show is May 20th.

How did your time at Humber prepare you for what you’re doing now? Any particular memories you’d like to share?

Friends. I work every day with friends I’ve made in my time at Humber. I am actually typing this after an eight-hour film shoot working with some current students and alumni. Humber taught me the importance of every word and the importance of actually doing things to be able to do things. Can’t leave the house for a film festival if you didn’t leave the house to make a film.

And Humber taught me that not everything I say HAS to be funny, (@Jerry from down the street who keeps laughing whenever I say, “The weather is fine today, Jerry.”)

To learn more about Noah’s work with Bad Tattoo Comedy collective, like them on Facebook.