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Jordyn Martinez

Jordyn Martinez graduated from Humber's Creative Book Publishing Program (CBPP) in 2015. She's already had two internships and is excited to be working in her chosen field. She told us a little bit about what she's done since leaving Humber.


I am currently the Research Intern at BookNet Canada. It’s a fantastic place to work, and they do so much to help the industry. I get to work on tons of different projects, and I have my hands in some of the biggest reports that we create for the publishing industry. I have already learned a lot at BookNet, and best of all they are setting me up so that I will be well prepared to work in the book industry with a unique and useful set of skills.


Since leaving Humber I had an internship at eBOUND Canada and then, when that ended, I moved directly here to BookNet Canada. I didn’t realize that graduates would be able to get more than one internship after the program, but it has proven to be a great way to get real experience. Since graduating I have met so many publishing professionals, and have spent a lot of time going to book launches and publishing events to network and meet people in the industry. I have also been volunteering for a few events with The Writers’ Trust of Canada, which is another great way to meet people and keep up with what’s going on in the industry.


Humber was a perfect stepping stone into the publishing industry. There’s no way I would have got the contacts, the basic skills and understanding of the industry, and the internships without this program. I especially appreciated how fast paced the program was, because it prepared me for real world jobs. Being able to keep up and move on quickly within the program prepared me to work in places where your efficiency and speed are the most important part of the job. The friends I made during the program, especially during Enterprise, continue to be close friends – and now they’re also colleagues in the industry and the best support network I could ask for.

The greatest part about the program was our unofficial group activities. When you get a group of 25+ people who share your passion for books, it’s easy to make friends and connections. We often sat on the grass for lunch as a big group, and had a standing group date every Friday where we would all get together on a patio and socialize. While learning together was a blast, becoming friends with my classmates was the best part of CBPP.

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Jordyn Martinez