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Humber/Trent Collaborative Program

The Creative Book Publishing Program at Humber College and the English Masters Program at Trent University have entered into a collaborative arrangement which enables a select number of students each year to simultaneously earn an MA degree in English (Public Texts) and an Ontario Graduate Certificate in Creative Book Publishing.

Students make separate applications to each program but indicate in their applications that they are interested in both.

Successful applicants (a maximum of three a year) will complete their course requirements at Trent University in the Fall and Winter semesters, and the requirements for the Certificate in Creative Publishing at Humber College in the Summer Session. They will then return to the Trent program to complete their MA requirements.

This option is available to students in all three streams of the MA program (thesis, major research paper, or internship) but we would expect that it would be most attractive to students in the internship option who will have available to them a wide range of internships with Canada's leading publishers through the Humber program, or through Trent’s academic connections.

Students who are accepted into one of the programs but not the other will still have the option of continuing in the program to which they have been accepted and reapplying to the other program at a later date. 

Follow this link for a detailed overview.

  • trade 
  • educational
  • children’s
  • self-publishing
  • scholarly
  • digital

Within publishing and related companies, interns gain experience in:

  • editorial 
  • marketing
  • content development
  • contracts and permissions
  • content management 
  • production and design
  • composition
  • sales
  • rights

Note: Although internships are a great way to gain work experience that often leads to full-time jobs, an internship is not a requirement of our program. This means that, unlike some programs, if you get a paid position straight out of school, you still have all the requirements to graduate!