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Agile Project Management and its Drivers

Researcher: Pedro Serrador
Project Completion Date: February 2016

project management discussion

Watch the video to hear Pedro Serrador, and his partners at Info-Tech Research Group discuss their analysis of Agile methodologies and in which ways these management methodologies would benefit a project.

Abstract: In recent years, Info-Tech Research Group has seen client demand for content on Agile project management grow substantially. To address this challenge, Humber faculty member Pedro Serrador and a team of students designed and conducted a large-scale survey and performed in depth analysis on the global use of Agile and its efficacy. The project provided Info-Tech with the needed data to support their existing members and gain a competitive advantage: information about which Agile methodologies and techniques are most beneficial to organizations, when they work best, and how to implement them. Funding was provided by VIP1 and NSERC Engage.