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Instructions for Using Accessible Media Files

panopto Panopto

Panopto is Humber's preferred online video platform. It includes automated captions that may simply need a few edits. You can read instructions on how to manually edit captions in Panopto.

If you've received a caption file from the Accessible Media Department or another sources, you can read instructions on how to upload a caption file to Panopto.

Uploading a described video file is the same as uploading any other file in Panopto using these instructions.

More help using Panopto can be found at this link.

blackboard Blackboard

Instructions on using Blackboard's captioning features, including importing the *.srt files you'll receive from the Accessible Media Department can be found at this link.

Blackboard help is provided by Humber's Teaching and Learning Department.

vlc VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is a cross-platform desktop video player that makes integrating captions in *.srt format simple. Usually, all that is required is for the video file (e.g. video.mp4) and the caption file (e.g. to be located in the same folder. You can read instructions on using caption files in VLC

Instructions for using caption files on other platforms can be found using their respective help systems or support forums.