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Communication Platform with Shared First Semester Programs

The Communication Platform offers a shared first semester between five programs giving you the freedom to change your area of study in the second semester to any of the five.

Core Skills Gained in Semester 1

  • Innovative Design
  • Web Design
  • Presentation Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • Digital Imaging
  • Visual Communications
  • Intro to Media Studies

Find Out More About the Programs on This Platform

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Advertising & Graphic Design
2-Year Diploma – 04701

Want to focus on solid visual, strategic, conceptual, typographic and technical skills? There is a little in our world that is not branded, designed, displayed on a screen, or printed on paper. This field of study offers you the opportunity to turn artistic flair and creative thinking into a rewarding career. Your could work on social media campaigns, print or web projects. Freelance opportunities in this field can be lucrative. A 4-week work placement is included.

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Advertising & Marketing Communications
2-Year Diploma – 04621

Love the world of Advertising and Marketing Communications? Develop the confidence and skill set you need to work at or with agencies on client business. In this program, you will learn the skills that are needed to manage client business and work along the creative team. You will learn the fundamentals of advertising creative, copywriting, graphic design and marketing. You will also learn promotional writing, presentation and organizational skills, basic production and supplier management skills. A 4-week placement is included.

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3-Year Advanced Diploma – 04751

Make a career breaking the news and be a modern storyteller. In the digital age, journalists have far more reach than ever before to tell stories, share images, and share opinions. As media organizations change to meet the needs of the public, there are opportunities for people with modern skill sets to begin their careers. At Humber, you learn journalism hands-on.

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Media Communications
2-Year Diploma – 11681

Increasingly, companies need multiskilled media graduates who can assist in developing and delivering communications to their clients in business, the not-for-profit sector and government agencies. This program trains students in multimedia, web design, photography, videography, media writing, design, and marketing. In Humber's state-of-the-art labs, students create content using current software applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro.

podium with microphones on stage

Public Relations
3-Year Advanced Diploma – 04761

We're recognized by industry as one of the country's leading training grounds for PR professionals. Our comprehensive public relations program prepares you to plan, develop, and execute effective public relations strategies for conventional and new media. When you graduate you will be armed with an impressive portfolio and industry experience gained through a work placement.