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Past Projects

smokebomb video

Sarith Nugawila
April 2016

Sarith and his team of Game Programming students partnered with Smokebomb Entertainment to develop ideas and prototype games for their new product (Snowflake). Smokebomb Entertainment developed a unique input device called Snowflake that consists of multiple pressure pads that the player can control using their feet and hands.
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Sarah Nasby and Janice Fung
May 2016

This study explored the impact of using tactile and kinesthetic learning on the engagement and understanding of printing techniques among Bachelor of Creative Advertising students.


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pencil crayons

Marc Colangelo
December 2013

This study served two main objectives: to inform the curriculum design of the institution's drawing courses, and give direction to the recruitment initiatives of the institution's visual arts program.


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Andrea Tavchar
March 2011

This research study explored how Humber public relations students’ notions of online privacy influence their use of social networking sites for academic and business purposes.

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Richard Bingham
March 2010

According to research there is a set of six fundamental creativity “templates” that can be identified in 89% of advertising that is judged as “high quality”. This study sought to answer the question: Does the identified set of “quality advertising” templates, as set out by the Goldburg study, show similar rates of success in awards that recognize not creative merit, but effectiveness?

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web platform development

Bernie Monette
April 2014

Get Your Hours is a web platform designed to match high school students with volunteer opportunities based on their interests. It allows them to track their hours online, and allows their guidance counsellors to verify their volunteer hours.

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SMB Pulse

Bernie Monette
July 2014

Previously, there were no television channels or web-based services in Canada or internationally that offered streamlined, targeted information specifically for small to medium-sized businesses (SMB) and entrepreneurs. To meet this need, CSMB-TV worked with Humber College to develop SMB Pulse, an online, on-demand information and entertainment network for Canadian SMBs and entrepreneurs.

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game controller

Robert Robson
January 2011

The Game On project sought to harness the expertise of Game Programming students, to create a novel video game that Cell 8 Games could successfully launch and competitively market in an increasingly elite industry. They helped to establish a platform that Cell 8 Games will be able to use in the continual development of its competency in the video game industry.

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woman with earpiece

Sean Doyle
January 2014

BNOTIONS partnered with Humber College to develop Gallop, a robust platform for creating, targeting, and managing advertising campaigns. Gallop uses intelligent media targeting to drive business growth at every stage of a product’s customer acquisition funnel. This requires identifying correct persona groups, cohort types, and how they are reflected by in-product usage patterns.

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